5 Instagram Addiction Hacks

1. Use Instagram Well.

That's right.  If you're feeling addicted to Instagram, learn how to use it in a way that actually serves your purpose or your happiness.  The algorithm, as creepy as this is about to sound, is here to serve you! If you like poets but follow a bunch of soulless models, then unfollow the butt selfies and follow the artistry!

2. Follow Hashtags You Actually Enjoy.

These days most people know it's possible to follow hashtags.  What you may not realize is that following a hashtag on one of your favorite hobbies (say, rock climbing) may just be enough to inspire you to get the f*ck of instragram and plan a climbing day!  Unlike following individual rock climbers, who are so much better than us that we begin to dive into a shame spiral and quit the sport, a hashtag such as #SendRocks will inspire you with specific climbing spots but a range of climbers.

3.  Breathe deeply.

Research has shown that when you breathe deeply, you inhale a bunch of air you would not have if you hadn't breathed deeply.  It calms you down and leads you to wonder why you had to breathe deep in the first place.  Oh yeah, instagram is weirdly stressful. Here you are, the pinnacle of evolution, intelligent, sensitive, and full of dreams, and you thumbing your way into cat and selfie oblivion.  Breathe deep.  Maybe then you'll reconnect with your center.

4.  Learn SEO

SEO means "Search Engine Optimization."  For my purposes as a poet and artist, I would include phrases like this one: Here are some unique ideas for a small wedding.  Then I'd list them out.  If posting on instagram, I might turn them into hashtags that involve "unique ideas for backyard weddings" or "wedding inspiration" or "artists for weddings."  You get the idea.  Why does this help with an instagram addiction?  Again, rather than trying to avoid instagram, you need to lean into it.  Research it.  Learn how to benefit from it.  Who knows, maybe you'll end up celebrating your special day with the ones you love entirely through the lens of a social media platform.

5. How to Decorate for a Wedding

This last tip has absolutely zero to do with instagram and is purely for my SEO purposes.  One might want to decorate for a wedding with a truckload of flowers, or confetti made from towels.  One might want a hire an artist or hire a poet for their small backyard wedding.  Who knows!  Regardless, make the decorations consistent for your special day and choose colors you align with!